The Vagli’s Lake, the submerged village and the zip-line

The Vagli’s Lake, the submerged village and the zip-line

Vagli di Sotto is one of the most famous villages of the Garfagnana, at the foot of the Apuan Alps surrounded by nature and rich in history.

Vagli’s Lake, the submerged village

Here there is Lake Vagli, a lake of artificial origin that hides a fascinating secret in its waters.

The lake was created when, between 1947 and 1953, the Enel Dam was created to control the flow of the Edron river for the production of electricity. Before that time, where the lake is now located was the ancient medieval village of Fabbriche di Careggine, today called the Phantom Village.

On the rare occasions when Enel decides to empty the lake for maintenance it is possible to visit it; before, this operation was carried out every 10 years but, unfortunately, it has not been emptied since 2004. During the particularly hot summers, with the lowering of the water level, you can see some of the roofs or ruins that made up the village.

It is a constantly changing place that fascinates and amazes everyone thanks to its history.

The Zip-Line

The bravest tourists who visit Vagli cannot miss the Zip Line.

A 1500m high jump into the void that will allow you to fly over the old town and the lake in flight, up to 150km/h!

Hooked to a steel cable, secured by harnesses, you will launch in a unique flight immersed in the beautiful landscape of Vagli.

The flight has been designed and made accessible to people with disabilities and the flights can be single or double and in freestyle (using only a simple harness), on swan dive (lying on your stomach) or on a paraglider seat!

At the end of the flight, you will find yourself in the locality of Vaiano, on the opposite bank of the lake from which other initiatives start.

From that point, you can enter the park, take the paths that will lead you to see various animals or take the shuttle that will bring you back to the starting point.

We point out the possibility of crossing the suspended bridge of Vagli, located between the peaks of Monte Tambura and Pisanino, that attracts many visitors throughout the year.

The bridge connects the two shores of the lake and is suspended on ropes; it is accessible to everyone and the new crystal floor in the middle of the bridge will give you a total vision and make you feel like you are suspended on the lake.

Beautiful is the show of colored lights that illuminate the bridge in the night and create a suggestive and fascinating show.

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