Pian di Fiume is also a farm.

Guests, besides enjoying the goodness and genuineness of local artisan products, can participate to several activities linked to the agricultural and environmental culture.

For exaple: beekeeping, management of sheep (goats and sheep) and their products, farm animals, processing and use of medicinal plants cultivated and wild, mycology and herbal medicine classes lead by Doc.

Massimo Betti, pharmacist with specific skills, through study and specific courses regarding medicinal plants, homeopathy, homotoxicology, magistral preparations, cosmetic chemistry, functional medicine.

Possibilities of fun in the surrounding area are almost endless: excursion by foothorse rides and mountain-bikerafting courses, canoa and all the others activities possible on the rivers Lima. Every season offers different opportunities.


The major production concerns Acacia honey and Chestnut honey, but alternatively millefiori is produced and, when possible for the season, honeydew from conifers.
The beehives are placed in the woods, within the company and itinerant in the Bagni di Lucca area, far from any source of pollution, including roads, and from inhabited areas.
The supply chain of our honey is mostly direct, from the producer to the consumer. Served in our restaurant and packaged for sale.
Some shares go to other sellers and wholesalers interested in quality honey.


The agritourism with its 20 hectares of forest produces and sells wood for various uses. From the manufacture of poles or artifacts, to firewood. Acacia, durmast, oak and other native woods. Made to order, it is delivered to your home (on the territory) according to your needs.


The farm produces vegetables that are harvested during the day and served in the restaurant of the farmhouse. The cultivations are carried out in the traditional way. abundant sowing and harvesting of potatoes in August (where our guests often participate). The freshness of the vegetables, at Km 0, freshly picked make the dishes unique in their simplicity.


The agritourism raises pigs, goats (goats from Garfagnana, kids from Controneria), sheep (Sardinian sheep). The pigs live in a semi-wild state and are raised with GMO-free feed. The certified meat is used for the agritourism and transformed with the collaboration of the company “Antica Norcineria” of Piano di Coreglia (LU) which processes meat in the traditional way.
The goats and sheep are raised free and feed on what they find in the woods, including plants, brambles and shoots.

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