Pian di Fiume

Garfagnana farm house

Pian di Fiume is also a farm. Guests, besides enjoying the goodness and genuineness of local artisan products, can participate to several activities linked to the agricultural and environmental culture. For exaple: beekeeping, management of sheep (goats and sheep) and their products, farm animals, processing and use of medicinal plants cultivated and wild, mycology and herbal medicine classes lead by Doc. Massimo Betti, pharmacist with specific skills, through study and specific courses regarding medicinal plants, homeopathy, homotoxicology, magistral preparations, cosmetic chemistry, functional medicine.

Possibilities of fun in the surrounding area are almost endless: excursion by foot, horse rides and mountain-bike, rafting courses, canoa and all the others activities possible on the rivers Lima. Every season offers different opportunities.

The famous and historical thermal baths in Bagni di Lucca are only 3 km from the country house, there are some specific conventions because the holder has completed studies and publications relating to history and to the use of the very effective waters of this ancient spa. This latter, already famous around ‘500, has had the best period during ‘700 and ‘800 when was busy with famous people such as: Montaigne, Byron, Shelley, Liszt, Paganini, Dumas, Heine, Puccini and many others. From Bagni di Lucca you can easily reach many other little towns of Garfagnana and of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with a huge quantity of interesting places to visit.


Educational Room
The country house, in addition to offering a single solution stay – restaurant- area away from the chaos and distractions, has an equipped educational room with projector, video projector, wi-fi, microphone, amplifier. The room is available for team building, training courses, teaching school activities. The country house works with qualified teachers with many years experience, able to suggest programs tailored to educational requirements and regulations by formulating a program that complements the theoretical part with a practical part.

The country house has private green areas where are possible many individual and group activities where the spirit of collaboration and the ability to manage a team of people can be seen from the result of the activity.

You can request internally structured programs, or match the activity to your structured program or only make use of our spaces / equipment.

A line of our proposals:
River habitat: the stream passing through the country house offers possibilities for rafting in safety, construction of raft in the group and also life and habitats of the river environment.
Mountain routes: directly from the country house, trails on mountain paths through the story of the life of the villages where are possible Orientiring activities, survival techniques.
Cooking lessons: the kitchen offers many possibilities and the collaborative result can be read in the dish. The country house using its own products and the products from the surrounding nature offers the possibility to structure the lesson with different levels of difficulty.
Course of medicinal herbs: in the hills, meadows and around the surroundings you can find wild herbs suitable for cooking and as a medicinal plant. The owner Massimo Betti (pharmacist specializing in medicinal plants) is an expert of this plants and is available for further information.

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