Pian di Fiume

Mushrooms reserch

The country house, located at the foothills of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, is placed in an ideal position for the birth of wild mushrooms and red fruits.

The experience of our staff and a little lesson by Massimo Betti (the owner of the country house) pharmacist and naturalist, grant to our guests the possibility to try this experience in complete safety.

Departure in the morning. Itineraries are the most varied, according to the period. From deciduous forests, historical and monumental chestnut trees, beech forests and enchanted woods of Mediterranean bush. There are easy trails and difficult hikings. You can find many types of mushrooms: tacks, blackthorn, porcini, chanterelles, frulle, griffins ….

Ideal days for expert people, families and kids to let you discover this hobby… where the surprise can be behind a tree, under a leaf or behind a rock.

Price: depending on the lenght of excursion and on guests request.

Excursion with Environmental Guides

Infomationa: please contact the country house info@piandifiume.it

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