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Eremo di Calomini

The Hermitage of Calomini – place of history and worship

One of the suggestive places to visit, a destination of continuous pilgrimages in the province of Lucca, is the Hermitage of Calomini; located at the base of an overhang about 70 meters high and set in the rock.

This hermitage is located on the road that leads to the village of Vergemoli and, although the structure has been enlarged and restored over the centuries, you can still see the wall of the cave where this place of worship was initially built.

The main church is, in fact, in eighteenth-century style, the sacristy, that was the original point, is, from the ‘600, furnished with carved furniture. You can also visit the old kitchen and the cells of the friars, also carved into the rock like the sacristy.

There are several legends about how this place was born, the best known tells that around the year 1000, the Madonna appeared to a young girl of Calomini who immediately went to talk about it to the village.

The citizens, then, brought the image of Mary immediately to the nearby village of Gallicano to be celebrated. After not even 24 hours the image of the Madonna was found in the spot where she had shown herself to the young woman. It was thus decided to build the sanctuary in the cave.

The hermits of Calomini have guarded this place for five centuries, until 1868, now the Capuchin friars of Lucca take care of it.

In summer the hermitage can be visited every day, while in the rest of the year only on Sundays during Mass.