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The Cavern of the Wind

In the mountain range of the Apuan Alps, just a few kilometers from Bagni di Lucca, there is an interesting excursion destination, the Grotta del Vento.

Since 1800 the entrance of the cave was known, due to the strong cold wind that came out of it, and that was used as a natural refrigerator by the inhabitants of the area.

The first person to enter the cave was a 4-year-old girl who, at the beginning of the 20th century, ventured for fun in the “blowing hole”; the passage was too small and after 10 meters he came back.

When she came back to the village she told everything to the young people who began to widen the entrance for the first 30 meters. The first real expeditions began in 1930 and since this year the cave was explored and made accessible.

Today it is possible to visit it through different paths, more or less adventurous. The routes that do not include climbs are accessible to everyone, thanks also to the concrete walkways.

The cave is about 4500 meters long and has a vertical drop of 120 meters; its main characteristic is the strong wind that is due to the difference in temperature between inside (constant at 10.7 ° C) and outside.

Atmospheric agents have carved the stone and created real natural sculptures; beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, underground ponds, waterways and vertical wells.
A unique natural wonder not to be missed.

Photo: Kessiye, Genga04, CC BY 2.0