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Canyon Orrido di Botri

Activity description:
Orrido di Botri is a spectacular limestone canyon digged during time from the water of Rio Pelago. In the summer time you can climb it on foot following the creek bed. This naturalistic area was already known, visited and described in italian and english guide in 1800 thanks to the particular geology, flora and fauna. The reserve, founded in 1971, still preserve the rarity of its nature, the integrity of the vegetation and along its gorges, overlooking the creek bed,nests the Eagle. The canyon is open to the public from June to October, you can easily reach it by car, the access is free paying 2 euro.

Trail: lenght of the trail 4 km. During the trail is inevitable to put your legs into water so it’s necessary the right equipment: shorts or swimsuit, sneakers. The trail is ok for kids and adults over 8 years old. it’s not recommended to people with physical problems.

Distance from the country house: circa 20 Km

Lenght of the trails: 3 – 4 hours

On reservation

-Way and return transfer

-Excursion with expert guide

Information: please contact the country house