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Bagni di Lucca: a jewel to discover

Bagni di Lucca is an ancient thermal resort inhabited since the Bronze Age and famous since Roman times.

The quality of its waters has placed them among the first 5 thermals site in Europe from 1200 until the end of the 800, inserting it in the nineteenth-century European Grand Tour.

This municipality has several records, such as the oldest public gaming house in the world (first authorizations dating back to 1400, always renewed for the support of free public care for the poor and beggars) and that of the foundation of the Scout movement in Italy (in 1910 ).

All the thermal buildings are historic, such as the Bagno Cardinali, the Bagno Bernabò, the Bagno alla Villa, the Bagno San Giovanni.

Today it is worth visiting the old casino built in 1839 in the thermal resort, to give an alternative to the large audience that came more to play than to heal. The English Church, a neo-Gothic building for Protestant worship with a monumental cemetery, today transformed into a public library.

The Academic Theater, built by praiseworthy villagers in 1790 whose heirs gave it to the City. Today it hosts an important Prose Season, the Regional Theater School Festival and many other events. There are many illustrious guests who have stayed and written for a long time on their presence in Bagni di Lucca.

From the scientists Falloppio, Redi, Fiorentini, Boscovich, to the poets and writers Byron, Shelley, Montaigne, Carducci, Heine, Pascoli, Montale to the musicians Tosti, Liszt, Paganini, Dohler, Puccini and many others.

Photo: jim walton, 55022 Bagni di Lucca LU, Italy – panoramio, CC BY 3.0

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