Pian di Fiume

Food and Wine in Lucca, old recipes and good wine

One of the strengths of the province of Lucca is definitely food and wine. In fact, this territory is famous for its wine and for its characteristic cuisine.

The Lucca cuisine has very ancient origins and stands out for the simplicity and poverty of the dishes that are made up mainly of cereals and which have been handed down for generations.

Another important component is the wine, from here passes the Wine and Oil Road and during the year there are various festivals dedicated to food and wine typical of these areas. Like the famous Montecarlo Wine Festival, which takes place in September and where you can taste specialties accompanied by excellent wine.

Old Recipes and Good Wine

The typical dishes are soups, almost all based on legumes and aromatic plants called locally “erbi”. Thus, the Lucchese Academy of Zuppa di Magro was born, which attributes the status of “master zuppiere” to those Lucca people and to those restaurants, such as the Pian di Fiume Farmhouse, which make the soup according to tradition.

Then we have the farinata, made with beans, black cabbage, lard and corn flour and all the dishes based on pork and cinta senese. Do not forget the endless recipes based on chestnuts and their derivatives, such as polenta, necci and castagnaccio.

The tortelli are another specialty, pasta stuffed with meat, bread, parmesan and then seasoned with meat sauce. Among the desserts there is the buccellato, a typical donut of Lucca, is the most famous dessert and can be enjoyed for breakfast or soaked in sweet wine at the end of a meal. Among the desserts are also the “torte coi becchi”: shortcrust pies stuffed with chocolate or vegetables.

The typical dishes do not end here but include various types of fish and meat. Thanks to these it is possible to complete the essence of history and the origins of these places. For those who love to know the territory through food, a journey to discover these ancient flavors is just what you need!

Photo: Sara Varlani, Neccio con ricotta, CC BY-SA 2.0